As a designer and artist, I feel strongly in what art, design and architecture can do. How these arenas can improve our lives in their ability to go beyond themselves into inspiration: the why before the what and the democracy of the built environment. This is what my website entails, going beyond what I do into what others do as well.

I am interested in the emotion of a space. How it flows and its sustainability not only in materials but how it's effects last. I build spaces for my clients that are calm, nurturing, evocative and inspiring. It is imperative that these spaces reflect their needs as well as their desires. 

My spaces usually tend towards the simplistic. I use little pattern and bright color leaving this for the art on the walls allowing for its importance in the space. Though simplistic these spaces are not void of warmth and meaning. They are minimal and meaningful. 

Our spaces should be purposeful in how they work for us. How they enhance our lives and assist in building our futures and memories. They should be a reflection of who we are as well as a reflection of the world we live in. I consider my design voice in general to be a world infused modern. Bringing in art, cultures, nature and the handmade. Time also is an element. Layers of old and new add a healthy sense of being grounded and an excitement for the new. 

I have a passion for supporting artists and makers. There is a deep satisfaction in supporting the creative arenas. A satisfaction that is two fold. A matter of supporting endeavors and being inspired. The evidence of the hand brings in history and story, expanding our personal experience. 


Winston Churchill once said "We shape our homes and then our homes shape us." And too, we shape the world as the world shapes us.