Yes Is More

It is creativity that will save us as our morality is flawed. We are human after all. Perfectly imperfect. Our focus should be more on new ideas. Ones, that elevate our lives, fills the cracks and eases our weariness. Rather than designing walls, we should be designing new democracies. Better ways of living. More possibilities, as yes is more. 

CB 05/19/18


I owe much to silence and simplicity. These days I spend most of my free time reading in silence and now writing about the silence. So much can be taken from something so simple. So honest. It's almost empowering how this time allows my brain room to think and breathe. Room to stretch out and relax, float and travel. 

I've become increasingly more of a minimalist. Most of what I have is tucked away, though still knowing it's all there annoys. It all sits and waits for me to donate the last lot. The last collection of things I have no use for. 

Things. The hangers on that have no emotional value, no real purpose other than to remind me that I have a lot of things. How many bowls does a single guy need? It's not that they make noise it just seems as if they do. As if their mere presence stacked in drawers vibrates an S.O.S. Reminding me of their neediness. My need to fill a hole, which now I fill with simplicity and silence. 

Simplicity for me is the counter to the ever growing noise. The growing worry and complexities of our contemporary world. It is the boiling down to what for me feels right. What matches my emotion and supports my belief system. Simplicity then for me is a mirror. A grounding. 

Silence within simplicity is a magnifier. It accentuates physical space, almost to a density. It can have a heaviness or it can uplift. Either way, you know it's there. We know its presence. We feel it. Much like love, we feel the ache or exaltation. 

In this time of mass consumption, mass production and black screens, I crave the opposite. I crave intimacy of space, objects of the hand created. The intimacy of body and thought. This for me is the continual sifting of what matters. Life. To surround myself with the sensuality of connection. The intimacy of beauty and all it entails. The magnitude and magic of a simple moment. The desire for more from less.

CB 04/14/18



If It Brings You Joy

If it brings you joy, go there. Do that. I am trying to etch this into my brain. To create a positive mantra. One that reflects the simplicity of what I desire in my life. Carving a new neural pathway over all the others that have become as tangled hair. Criss-crossed layers of miscommunication. 

Sometimes it feels like digging a trench with a needle. But when I realize again the intent, the needle becomes a back hoe and joy floods in, filling the void. Water to parched land, meaning to purpose.

If it brings you joy, go there. Run. In this era of totalitarian deeds what is needed is quick action. Mind over matter. To surround oneself with what brings joy and love, meaningful human experiences. Learning and growth. This then brings fortitude, brings a willingness to counter what our todays toss out. 

We have been given a heavy weight, one that will break us if we drop it and walk away, turn our attentions from what stares us down in the name of god and country. If we turn away, what brings us joy is the superficial, the shiny and temporal. Bells and whistles. Weightless wind.

If it brings you joy, go there. Hold it. With all else said, in the end we all die. We all have this moment, now. Human experiences. Hold it. Hold them. Surround yourself with love. Hold the hand that holds your mind, holds your body. Your emotion. Hold this and you hold back force as dam to water. Light to darkness. Hold this and we hold what's possible. What's needed. Desired. 

I had a dream the other day where my mother visited. It was so real she may have. She told me as she stroked my hair, I need to pick one or the other. All in or all out. This is life. This is what our future is asking. Demanding. All in is where I have chosen to be. To push the obstacles and pull the opposition. To pull back the rising tyranny till it stumbles, falls backward to where it belongs. The past.

If it brings me joy, I'll keep it. Tuck it away, somewhere safe.

CB 04/07/18



If we can inadvertently destroy through our creative powers as we find we have, can we not then with the same powers create something beautiful? Something that speaks strongly to the future positive. History has shown us through fact and devastation what we are capable of. Who we are. And to that, who we may become or can become as we have the choice. The ability to turn ourselves around. To stop, pivot and redirect. 

This may entail small steps, but steps forward nun the less. We continue to send rockets into space exploring the expanding universe, steps forward, steps outward. Steps that are both explosive and calculated and built through benchmarks of time. Regulated through bravado and determination, trial and error as we know through the work of Thomas Edison. Step. By. Step. 

The architect and muse Zaha Hadid left us with what's possible. Left us not only with inspiration but with a challenge. To be and to become what we are capable of. To see with clarity and the emotion of inspiration the built environment as influence and fact, marker in time. A place to begin and to continue. Onward, upward and outward. And too, in a sense inward. 

Perhaps this is the greater point. The inward realization of our capacity. Where inspiration becomes introspection and back again. Maybe what we need in these times of great challenge is to go deeper into who we are, but just for a moment as action is needed. Action is the arrow propelled by history and knowledge. And in this era, propelled not just by desire but fear. Fear just may be the needed bow that sends us forward. Saves us. 

It is our innate creativity that defines and destroys. Yin and yang. But in this is a path through, as Robert Frost wrote:

  He says the best way out is always through

  And I agree to that, or in so far

  As I can see no way out but through. 

This is the positive spin. There is an exit. A sign so bright we can see through to the end. The sign is our decision making. Our choice to use creatively for the good of humanity or for our demise. Virtue or vise. Do we perpetuate the doctrines of history or do we scale the mountain that precedes a challenging terrain. Either way the terrain awaits. Our choice. Our future. 

I believe in the possibility of humanity and creativity. I also know and have seen our worst. I know the facts and lean to the positive. This is my guide. My light through. My sign. This is both arrow and bow. 


CB 04/02/18








There is a perpetual notion of can't in our society. A thought that inhibits action. That keeps us small. Pulls us down and keeps us down, not only in how we see ourselves but how we behave. Our day to day, future forward. This can't is historically perpetuated both by genetics, our brain's purpose to keep us safe and by society, our playing safe. Fear in the mind and body. 

It is this belief system that allows us to feel powerless. To step back rather than forward in the face of change. The face of presumed hierarchy. Presumed power. It is this that our government and those we allow to have power, count on. This is psychological manipulation. The knowing that fear is a tool. That can't is equal to fear and that fear is the fire that becomes what it consumes and builds a larger force. A larger movement of paralysis. Once that spark is started it's game over, or that is the desire. 

But view this from a different perspective and we find the opposing, can. The interesting thing here is the ability of can to have power over cannot. As again the brain's function is to keep us safe, therefore we can if we see this as safe. And if we see the two as options for safety not as fear we then have clearer control on the playing field. 

If we build our lives with equal realistic layers of can and cannot we build a stronger resistance. Stronger homes. Stronger bridges. And eventually, hopefully stronger minds. Build a wall of fear and you have a wall of can't. A wall of powerlessness and stagnation. A wall not only around the body but the mind. 

This is not a matter of romanticism. It is a matter of fact and philosophy. Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life. This is a matter of reverse manipulation. The reversal of power. Again, the building of a stronger structure. Stronger life. 

To move forward is to have the dexterity of will. The clarity of what is at hand. Of mind and hand. To push forward and think forward. Day to day. Can't and can. The mind says push, the hand asks how far. 


From overthink, to overcome, to become.

From beginning, to middle, to never end till end.

CB 03/28/18