Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

What is the necessity

of beauty, but to express

our inner yearn.

To quench a need,


not language


Or to settle

the inner muck,

centuries old.

Time Line

 Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

An intriguing quality of interior design is its ability to speak to time, to reflect and to layer. The flux of life and living. Bringing forth physical memories of the past, juxtaposing those of today and subsequently inspiring the future. A timeline of emotion and nostalgia.

This can be viewed as story telling. A chronological documentation of humanity, families forgotten and families built. A registrar’s book of who we are.

As a designer and creator this is my interest, what inspires my doing, the movement of time and its captives. My interest lies within the depiction of time and how we live, who we are as we build forward. The making of the past inspires our future as we desperately cling to our collective identities. Our stories are displaced upon the objects we bring forward, somehow softening the coming unknown, or at least our hope.

 Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

 Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

It is my firm belief that the built environment can be the catalyst for change. Our living spaces are vessels of memories and tools of time that inform who we are and who we can be. They can be seen as compasses. Birthers to our futures.

The interior as time line is one that we all experience, both in how we live and the memories we hold. Our personal histories inform our current choices and inform too the makers mark. This is what writes the stories of how we live and create. The past penning the future. After all, nothing comes from a vacuum. Look around, you’ll see what I mean. What are you wearing and why?

This is an aspect that informs my intentions, history, not as pure document but as inspiration for the future. It is the old that gives weight, that informs the now and inspires the future, gives us hope.


Spaces tend to contain more than what we perceive, especially our most intimate. Often we cling to history by way of inheritance, attaching personal meaning and memory to articles left by those no longer; things given or abandoned to the physical world.


It is not by chance that these objects we collect have stories. We intentionally attach meaning to them as a way to stave off passing time and unintentional forgetfulness. This is our way of cheating death, leaving something behind. A passive aggressive time control. Realistic time travel.

The mind can only hold so many snap shots, eventually deleting due to over capacity. Often their residue resurfaces in dreams which we then transfer to the physical world.

As for me, I am a conflicted romantic. Holding on to physical memories and desiring a minimalist surrounding. I fear losing memories, even of the objects themselves. Dreams come to me only as resolve.

The built environment is created for a purpose. To not only give shelter but give shape to memory and emotion, physical form to hope.


 Carl Barnett Design/Studio “Thrive”

Carl Barnett Design/Studio “Thrive”

Hope is where will begins.

The seed of possible,


Future envisioned.

The flutter of fear,