Becoming Small

When did we become small? When was it that we allowed the thumb upon our lives? Our individual selves. The social and political restrictions of our bodies and minds. Our genders and belief systems. Our sexuality. 

What were the signs? Was there a slow migration of restrictive thoughts and expressions? A movement that took hold around our naked throats that now seems to be a natural human state. 

Or was it more like a plague, taking out large numbers. A sickle to wheat. Cool Aid for the willing. 

Was the restriction of air to our minds euphoric or nauseating as it is in this very era? Nauseating as antiquated doctrine. As rotting history. 

Perhaps then, it was romantic fad. Social experiment that became trend that became norm. Slow sheep to slaughter now fast track. 

I'm just curious. Curious to know how and when the seed was sown. How to eradicate the spreading weed.


CB 11/13/17