To nurture and inspire. To counter and to reflect. This is what our homes should offer in this challenged era. This era of uncertainty and contradictions. To offer up a buffer zone and be a catalyst for change. A springboard of inspiration. Telescope and map. 

Our homes should always be a reflection of who we are and who we were. Of who we strive to be as we navigate the current terrain. The battlefield of tweets. Bombastic rhetoric. They should be our own personal navigation systems and our own shield and sword. Metaphor and meaning. We are after all the dictators of our domains and directors of our desires. Therefore our homes should be the mirror and window of what we wish to see. Of who we wish to be, to become. 

Winston Churchill once wrote "We shape our homes and then our homes shape us." But too we shape the world as the world shapes us. A matter of cause and effect. A matter of possibility and pragmatism. Rome was not built in a day but then again a fire starts with a spark. 

It is not naive to think that the way we live privately has an affect on the way we life publicly. This goes true for our minds. What we think about we bring about. What we see, sometimes we get. We surround ourselves how we see ourselves. How we act and react. This should be our doctrines and religions. Our habitual truths. Ways of being. It should be a note tucked into our blankets at birth. A roadmap to life and living. 

Our homes are what we make them, what we need them to be. Pragmatic or romantic. Both. They are our vessels of memories, containers of truths and what we hope to discard. They are in fact our blankets, our reminder of our need for comfort and connection. Meaning and purpose. Order within our era of chaos. 

CB 11/20/17