I always find it interesting what we collect. How we surround ourselves and what inspires us. Our attachments. Person, place and thing. 

In this time and place I find my needs are more emotionally based. My thoughts on marriage come up more often. This is something I've never allowed myself and am now more than ever needing. The need of family. Home. And yes, even a dog. 

These thoughts visit often. Unlike many thoughts in this era these are most welcome. I tuck them into my subconscious and pull them out to revisit. Turn through them as pages in a journal or a calendar as they seem to repeat and document each day. 

My attachments to things have lessoned though my thoughts attached to certain things have grown. I am drawn to the handmade. Mostly ceramics. I admire the skill. The evidence of the hand. The story of the maker and my story that I give it. This is what brings me to the hand created. What keeps me emotionally attached. The other person. The maker. The intimate physicality. 

As I continue to build my life, I surround myself with the things that bring me joy. The solace of my home and the memories that create warmth. I collect less and create more of what I desire from my life. What I desire in my life. I collect and create the documents of my living. The evidence of my life lived. 

CB 01/18/18