I Live For This

We're living in an era that requires much more action. Much more inspiration. Social media's screaming into a pillow no longer satiates our need to express. That dam has broken. We have gone beyond the rim and are spilling over to the streets with marches, graphics and installations. Into our everyday.  

We are now at a place where our emotions require a physicality to boost our voices and expand on our words. This is a turning place. A marker of what is needed. It is a socio-political mindset that is showing up increasingly in architecture, product design and site specific installations. This is a manifestation of a growing desire for change. To act. Our need to make real our emotions and over rote minds. To put arm to arm, brick to mortar and to walk the walk. 

History has shown us this need to express. Our documentations of protests seal our troubled past. We have erected statues and built museums to somehow solidify and make peace with our emotions. Our struggles to gain the universal freedom we are born into. To come to terms with the past and somehow learn from mistakes and celebrate the winning. 

The future will tell us we are on the right path. This I know to be true. I live for this. The inspiration. The hairs on my body raise as I dig and sift through the inter-web, searching. Satisfying my need to know. My deep desire to be a part of a bigger picture and express my frustrations. To pick up a stone and throw it into the abyss of the future positive. 

CB 01/20/18