This Is My Desire

I feel as if I grapple with all that I do. What I have to offer this world. I am consumed by the weight of our current times. Our two stepping approach to the future. I know that design cannot save the world and beauty is simply a pillow on the path of the weary. So what is my resolve and how do I perpetuate my active determination. My need to facilitate the future positive. 

Thoreau once wrote, "It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see." Perhaps it's my approach to the problem. My instinct to push. Unaware of what I am not seeing and blinded by my own determined path digging.  My compass fixation and overreaching desires. It could be then a matter of easing up on the reigns. Allowing that I may not know where it's all heading. Where I am heading and being fine with that. Or at least ok..ish. 

There is one thing I know for sure. I know who I am. I live here. What I have to offer may not put a dent into this world but I am determined to scratch the surface. Make my mark. Give, not because I have been given but because this is my desire. This is my composition. My all, outward. The determination of one who does not have the answers but lives for possibility. Lives for the bloom of beauty. The bloom of inspiration. 


CB 01/26/18