Complexity has a tendency to overshadow our everyday, even the simplest of tasks. Symptomatic of a fever that flairs, this is life, our current condition.

Within complexity there are pockets of simple deeds, beauty tended and actions taken. All in gesture of a better balance, a clearer present and a future forward.

It is however complexity that is having its way, contradicting basic morality, fusing itself with an underbelly better left dying. A complex simplicity that is disorienting and infuriates, leaving society divided. Lady Justice unbalanced.

There are no mixing of words here. See it for what it is, a wound unbound. No clear solution but to push, eyes open, determined. Common decency is innate as fight or flight , we know this and simplicity will find this.

My simplicity is to favor less words and open space. Dig deeper, act further and follow my path of truest intentions.

CB 10/02/18

James Austin Murray-Lyons Wier Gallery

James Austin Murray-Lyons Wier Gallery