Now's Upper Hand

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

To untangle our current turmoils is to be engaged within. To be aware and present. Push the boundaries and pull forward. Pull resolve.

The future will not take care of itself despite its independence. Its lofty indifference to the present. It is now that has the power, has the strong doing. Despite the future’s final say, its always a faint voice. Now always has the upper hand. Grasp to the windpipe. Finger on the pulse.

Never let anyone tell you otherwise. Take them by their actions. Show them cause and affect. Words and deeds are counter to history’s insistence. Its insecurities of being forgotten. Buoy in the waters of time.

The future holds little credence to blame, as blame perpetuates the spiral. Perpetuates stagnation. Now is kin to flow and pipeline forward. Though winding path, now moves to its natural destination. A calling forward as moon to water.

CB 10/31/18