A Pull

A deeper sense of something. Lately I find a greater pull to a feeling I can’t put a name to. To call it a yearning would give it too much clarity. It is both a drawing and a lack. The thought that to gain something one must lose something. A moving away. A sliding forward.

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

But none of this really explains. Words cannot truly describe a feeling, especially if that feeling charades itself as chameleon. A camouflaging to deflect from change.

I’m not sure how to write this, but have the need to write it out. Make sense with words. Sometimes even punctuation brings life to a thought and lets emotion breathe more rhythmic. Move as heartbeat.

All I know, to be honest is there is this need. A pull to create. A whispered desire. Boiling bubble, rising to the top.

CB 11/17/18