Push the rock and pull the weed

 To live life is to take one step at a time or a series of jumps, a series of forward actions. Whatever works to live one's authentic life. Actions speak loudest. In this era what may be necessary to move forward is all the above. A full court press, side shuffle and precise push. What may be necessary is the agility of the mind and body. Forward thought, forward action. Peripheral vision. The acknowldgement of the need for change. The desire or better still, the fire in the gut. 

To move forward in this era of regression, of mental backsliding is a matter of going beyond words. Yes words have meaning, they speak to who we are, our genetics and cultures, but it is the physicality of doing that builds the bridge and digs the trench. Paves the road. 

It is the doing or making that solidifies intent and thought. Emotion reaches its peak by way of the hand. Love turns to fire by touch, trust by a handshake and structures topple with a push.  No longer is the usual rhetoric suficing in general, therefore what is required is personal reflection and outward gesture. The relationship with the individual to the community. What is necessary is the push and the pull. To force the hand of time by pushing back what keeps us in the muck and perpetuates  our current spiral down.  And to pull, from the depths of our desires what will propel the spiral up. To frankly halt our current government, all our government and reshape it for what it's made for. For the people, by the people. 

Lets not mince words here, if you can read this you know how life works. How government works or should work. You and I both know this isn't working. By this I mean government and life. They go hand in hand, affecting each other. A necessary relationship as to be human is to be governed. But at this point we need a marker of change. A place holder. Something. An action that holds up and redirects this backward slide. This stagnated air. Blinding wind. 

What we need, as Martin Luther King, Jr. said is peaceful demonstrations. United in our multifaceted wants and needs. To acknowledge our dream. To acknowledge we have a dream. We, have a dream. Every thought, every gesture, every stand tall and be loud moves us. Moves us emotionally and physically. This is our capability. This then, is our everyday marker. Our notch in time. 

Moving forward is a coming together of the like minded. Not same minded, but a mutual understanding  of the need for change. A change for all, eventually, someday, maybe. It is an understanding that to affect the future is to affect our today. To till the soil, sow the seed, push the rock and pull the weed. 

CB 02/17/18