I am increasingly interested in language, both visual and written. How these arenas can inspire our everyday. It is language that binds a culture and helps to solidify a belief system, a way of self governing both in the individual and the collective. 

 Visual language is our first step to understanding the world, how we process information.  As we take in the visual landscape and digest its stimuli we then interpret it through words, personally deciphering and editing according to how we see and understand our reality. This process runs through the mind and gut, emotion and intellect. Emotion is key here, it is what transports information forward into a bigger picture, into inspiration and action. Igniting the cannon of time.

It is not through rules and regulations that we live our best lives and reach our potential. Though necessary to counter our fallibilities, It is through understanding our innate selves that we best navigate, weaving through time and experience. Emotion and fact. It is through our connection of self and language that we piece together and connect the dots, creating meaning while vacillating desire, wants and needs. The manifestation of life well lived, life affected. 

The languages of the self activate an inner expansion, an explosion of who we are as matter and ethereal emotion. They affect our cells and frontal cortex, eliciting forward thinking  and evoking introspection. Binding together the outside, inside. What we see and then feel. This is how change occurs. How fears are faced and how politics are tweaked as growing buds. It is through language that possibility is born, from which emotion becomes physical. It is not fully through fact that life moves forward, it is through the culmination of all things human that pulls us and drives us to create. It is first and foremost the emotion of language that catapults our need to understand and counter. To smooth the wrinkles and settle the vibrations. To then take the streets, build the signs and defend our humanity. 

CB 02/07/18