There is a perpetual notion of can't in our society. A thought that inhibits action. That keeps us small. Pulls us down and keeps us down, not only in how we see ourselves but how we behave. Our day to day, future forward. This can't is historically perpetuated both by genetics, our brain's purpose to keep us safe and by society, our playing safe. Fear in the mind and body. 

It is this belief system that allows us to feel powerless. To step back rather than forward in the face of change. The face of presumed hierarchy. Presumed power. It is this that our government and those we allow to have power, count on. This is psychological manipulation. The knowing that fear is a tool. That can't is equal to fear and that fear is the fire that becomes what it consumes and builds a larger force. A larger movement of paralysis. Once that spark is started it's game over, or that is the desire. 

But view this from a different perspective and we find the opposing, can. The interesting thing here is the ability of can to have power over cannot. As again the brain's function is to keep us safe, therefore we can if we see this as safe. And if we see the two as options for safety not as fear we then have clearer control on the playing field. 

If we build our lives with equal realistic layers of can and cannot we build a stronger resistance. Stronger homes. Stronger bridges. And eventually, hopefully stronger minds. Build a wall of fear and you have a wall of can't. A wall of powerlessness and stagnation. A wall not only around the body but the mind. 

This is not a matter of romanticism. It is a matter of fact and philosophy. Easy choices, hard life, hard choices, easy life. This is a matter of reverse manipulation. The reversal of power. Again, the building of a stronger structure. Stronger life. 

To move forward is to have the dexterity of will. The clarity of what is at hand. Of mind and hand. To push forward and think forward. Day to day. Can't and can. The mind says push, the hand asks how far. 


From overthink, to overcome, to become.

From beginning, to middle, to never end till end.

CB 03/28/18