If It Brings You Joy

If it brings you joy, go there. Do that. I am trying to etch this into my brain. To create a positive mantra. One that reflects the simplicity of what I desire in my life. Carving a new neural pathway over all the others that have become as tangled hair. Criss-crossed layers of miscommunication. 

Sometimes it feels like digging a trench with a needle. But when I realize again the intent, the needle becomes a back hoe and joy floods in, filling the void. Water to parched land, meaning to purpose.

If it brings you joy, go there. Run. In this era of totalitarian deeds what is needed is quick action. Mind over matter. To surround oneself with what brings joy and love, meaningful human experiences. Learning and growth. This then brings fortitude, brings a willingness to counter what our todays toss out. 

We have been given a heavy weight, one that will break us if we drop it and walk away, turn our attentions from what stares us down in the name of god and country. If we turn away, what brings us joy is the superficial, the shiny and temporal. Bells and whistles. Weightless wind.

If it brings you joy, go there. Hold it. With all else said, in the end we all die. We all have this moment, now. Human experiences. Hold it. Hold them. Surround yourself with love. Hold the hand that holds your mind, holds your body. Your emotion. Hold this and you hold back force as dam to water. Light to darkness. Hold this and we hold what's possible. What's needed. Desired. 

I had a dream the other day where my mother visited. It was so real she may have. She told me as she stroked my hair, I need to pick one or the other. All in or all out. This is life. This is what our future is asking. Demanding. All in is where I have chosen to be. To push the obstacles and pull the opposition. To pull back the rising tyranny till it stumbles, falls backward to where it belongs. The past.

If it brings me joy, I'll keep it. Tuck it away, somewhere safe.

CB 04/07/18