Storied Objects

Sometimes an object has meaning and memories attached, that's when they become story tellers.   A hand made vessel can hold flowers but it also holds the story of its maker, what they bring to its creation. Their likes and dislikes as well as their personal history, blood memory. Thoughts and emotions that they themselves may not truly know exist.

Objects contain many associative meanings that we attach, rendering them as ledgers, documents of time and emotion. Triggering visual cues and faded scents. Nostalgia. Archeologists are constantly digging up storied histories that have their own meaning and meanings we eventually attach. 

Our bodies are vessels as well, containing our past and the past before it. Perhaps this is our connection to objects. Our need to make real the memories and emotions we carry within. Our desire to covet what we can no longer hold. What has slipped beneath the surface of time, abstracting and morphing into shadow. No longer available to our touch. 

We surround ourselves with stories by way of the physical world. They are our comfort. Our securities in these troubled times. They represent so much more than what they truly are. Our selves. Our Inner storied landscape.

CB 05/30/18