The Collective Future

It can be said with much truth that life is what we make it, how we create it. For ourselves and for others. 

Albiet in this era a difficult challenge, it's a challenge that can be met. A challenge I choose to accept. It is a future vision that I hold and a current task I take one step at a time. Sometimes I stumble like a bull in a china cabinet, breaking things as I force my way through. Other times my path is clear, especially when I see the bigger picture. The collective future. 

I am often inspired by the deeds of others. Their personal pasts and forward endeavors. This is what compels me. Pulls me forward. Feeds my passion and wonder. It is through others and for others that this moves me. It is at times mere words that catapults my intentions. Raises the hair on my skin and temperature of my blood. It too at times, is the acts of kindness that sets my desires forward. Pushes me. Hits me with a force of energy that sets my body ablaze with tingles. Shuddered exhilaration. 

It is through action that moves life forward, but is through human desire that gives it meaning. That feeds perseverance. The fire in the belly feeds the fire on the horizon. And the flicker in the eye warms the touch. It is our innate humanity that inspires. The seed within that can branch and blossom. It is this one thing that can set ablaze our world. Set it so bright and change its current course, move it just so. 

I am inspired by the thought of this, ready for the act of it. Already on the path, following others lead. 

CB 06/16/18