No Torch So Bright

It is said that a country can be judged by the way it treats its children, and this country, these states united are being judged by the decision of a few on the lives of many. 

We have experienced a heavy action with lasting ripples. An acton that goes beyond understanding. Beyond into the blackness of hell I've heard so much about. We are loosing our way. No torch so bright can shine for us, but us.

Our actions from here on will tell the story of a country so great or a country lost. It is our collective conscience that will determine the road forward. That will build the bridge or raise the wall. 

We have learned many lessons, taught many wrong doings. Skinned our knees and bare the scars of many years. Our country by virtue of its surroundings and histories is now an old soul. A complicated one. Built on the possibilities of freedom. On the words of "I have a dream" and the actions of marches. 

It is through our conception as a country that we will find our way.  Through our voices, our actions and our humanity. This is what freedom does. What being united means. 

A choir of many. A bee in the hive. 

CB 06/22/18