Idea To Action

It is the power of doing that heals a society. The ointment to the wound. The words, deeds and the inspiration of beauty that moves us forward and through. That spins the negative and shows its opposite. Righting the wrongs and calming the whirling mind. 

Through the endeavors of a society, a society can be saved or at least changed by way of circles of influence and circles of shelters. Gestures of force, strong hold and soft stroke. A shout, a chant and silent poetry. 

It is through the act of doing that we are at our strongest as we are emotional and physical beings. Doers, makers and dreamers. We respond through vision and act accordingly. All roads lead to inspiration as all acts end in results. 

We were born with the innate ability to change as time has proven. The creative arenas of art, design, architecture, tech and language are our tools of change. Our vehicles through. But it is not by way of positive happenstance that changes occur. It is through determination. Our birthright of freedom and will. 

Our current world is the culmination of our doing. Of our activity and passivity. Years, days and moments.  Results are what we give them as our futures are what we make of them. Control aside, we have compassion, intellect and human endurance. We have what we need to move forward as need turns to must. Idea to action. 


I lean in with the push of desire.

Gentle gesture, forward.

Compass in hand.

Making my way. 


CB 06/23/18