Tools To Build

I'm inspired by the layering of words, the hand created and space. Who we are and how we live. How the built environment can move us forward and create change. 

This is my intention. Modus operandi. My self expression and means to hopefully affect the future positive or at least soften and inspire the now. This is my nerd in full bloom. Humble offering. 


To build a bridge.

Extend my reach.

To hold a hand.

Release my breath.

To stand in place.

And look beyond.


It is my desire to use these tools to build a nurturing structure, mentally, emotionally and physically. Something for myself and beyond myself. A breathe of fresh air. An umbrella expanding. 

This is what I hope to achieve and hope to leave. Not as pure legacy but honest effort.


To never give up.


CB 06/24/18