As our dissatisfaction with government grows and our concerns with the environment never lessening, it makes increasing sense that how we live would take a higher importance, a higher urgency as these realities run towards us. 

This is not an issue of what's trendy or chic. It is an issue of fulfillment of life. Meaning and purpose. A means to an end or at least to a journey. A layering of joy and hope in the center of reality. Life lessons. Life skills. 


"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that it will not break it kills."                                                                                            

~Ernest Hemingway


Perhaps design should be seen more as a means to mend and fortify.  An elixir. Choir song and affirmation. If seen in this light, design could be used as an added tool in an ever growing need of defense. A utility of will, bandage or crutch. Hope and change in a fucked up world.

Design in this era can and should be seen as an action. To build and create, resolve and predict. To not only celebrate our imperfections but to know we have choices as to how to navigate the broken landscape. To move forward as we create, forward. 


"We all inhabit dwellings of some kind; the more thoughtful the attention we exert upon them, the more our infrastructure - our whole built world - is beautified."                    

 ~Carl Dellatore, Interior Design Master Class


Design touches our lives in many ways. We know this. And in this era, design can and will be our savior. Our shield, sword and final word. In our homes, neighborhoods and marches, design today is our moral investment.  Reality meets vision, affects future.

CB 06/14/18