Life As We Know It

As a creative person what I am most interested in is the tying together of the physical, emotional and spacial. How these three elements can build meaning. Eliciting a response of mind and body, a well rounded experience. A dialogue.

It is not, in my opinion simply about an object and its visual splendor. It is how an object evokes thought and emotion in space and its relationship with the self and surroundings. One can look at a vase and appreciate its aesthetic appeal and attach personal meaning, but when that vase is broken what is left is memory and emotion. With this said, both are important, though memory and emotion are most lasting and resonate more deeply within who we are. 

Its not that I am anti stuff for the most part, I am just more concerned with how our living environments affect our lives moving forward. A bigger picture. How we can build like architects spaces that are as fortresses, filters to the realities of life. Life is difficult enough, why add more to it. Our living environments can be a needed buffer. 

My bias clearly lies within the hand created as this arena brings in so much. Its about supporting the makers and enjoying what the maker has made. Realizing that within this made object is the makers history, their story. This brings in a layer of meaning, woven within the meaning we personally attach. This is the function of the built environment, the created object, to make real what we feel and think. To manifest our innate desires. And to perhaps lull our fears, especially in this time of human injustices and backsliding. Uncertainty. 

It is my firm belief that how we live supports how we think and feel. It is a strong piece of the puzzle. Ultimately this begins in our mind and gut, the relationship between the two. Whatever we can do to support this system is not only to our own benefit but to the benefit of others as this speaks to cause and affect. An outward and ongoing ripple. A beam of light.

Life as we know it has an ending but can have a lasting affect. How we live, our choice and actions are fingerprints. How we build meaning is of personal choice and one of the few things we have personal control over. And what we do with meaning too creates a lasting effect, a lasting impact of inspiration. It is what we do with life in all its complexities is what brings purpose. It is our engagement of beauty and creation that gives personal meaning. That pulls at desire and gives us a foothold onto the mountains we must embark.

This is my personal learning and ongoing endeavor. It is what I have chosen as my meaning, my purpose as I navigate the challenging terrain.

CB 07/10/18