Vision and Support

To build a fortress or to build a bridge. To tether oneself tightly to the ground or let the winds move us freely about. This is what our currant climate demands. What our collective mindset vacillates through. It is the eye of the storm and the unsettling calm. The knowing and the wait for what's next as we continue this marathon. Life as we know it. 

It is in these times that celebrating life demands our focus, as this is the counter force to our current ills. No matter what ill one chooses to view at any given moment. It is the strengthening and support of our collective values that builds a stronger structure. That weaves a stronger web. By uplifting the efforts of others and how we live day to day slowly creates a movement, a positive force that is fed upon. 

There is a bigger picture that needs not to be missed, the creative forces that are moving us forward. The future positive is being built as I write this, if not faster. It is a matter of what we choose to see, the growing garden or the weed. These are not the worst of times, innovation is proving that despite our failing government, which admittedly has us bound by emotion and uncertainty. This is a need for multitasking, of vision and action.  

This all comes down to the umbrella of support. A reaching out and gathering. To build a home, one needs the makers and to build better health one needs the growers. This is applied directly to the future. What is supported now, supports what's to come. And what is built up, assists in dismantling. 

The future cannot be predicted, it can only be built through pace and will. We know this as fact. We also know the dance of push and shove. The dialogue of opinion. This is what acts as brick and mortar, what paves the way and creates the fortress.

CB 07/20/18