Tech and Touch

The psychology of design and the relationship of tech with how we live is a growing interest. How these two arenas can better our lives, both physically and mentally. 

Interior design in the future will be an increasingly intricate part of our living. An added sheath of skin that will relate even more to our specific needs. A layer that supports our physical desires of touch as well as our psychological habits and moods. 

It is paramount that our living environments and even our work spaces relate highly to touch. This is the needed thread that binds tech with design, which is now being approached by layering textiles to gadgets, interlacing mind, touch and vision. Our senses go deep into who we are, we are first and foremost visual beings. How we see texture, form and color is how we assess our immediate surroundings. Our senses speak to fight or flight and determine how we relate to where we are and how we benefit. Do we stay, fidget or run? Even in this period of time, this is how our mind still works.

Tech control is the perfect layering. A way to immediately activate lighting, air, music and perhaps projected films and images that enhance or change our mood. This is now advancing with phone technology and soon may be activated as we approach an entrance. Tech should be a specialized option residing in the background as not to lesson physicality. The opening of a door for example is an intimate act that should always be addressed. Designer Vicente Wolf uses oval shaped door knobs for this reason. 

It is our physical needs that enhance our lives. The touch of wood brings us closer to nature and to ourselves. This is the tuning into who we are as human beings, our desires. Tech can easily be a layer to this, even in our need for slow living. 

We are in an era of questioning within and beyond politics, into our humanity. Our relationship to the whole picture, reality. The future is tech and green, though both are fraught with challenges each clearly benefit our ways of living. They move side by side into the future, it is just a matter of how we responsibly approach them. And in reference to our natural environment, how we approach it, now. 

My minds eye can see an interior that is minimal but meaningful, layered with natural materials both old and new with textures and the hand created that bring in so much. A modern wabi-sabi. An enriching environment that speaks to history as it celebrates the new by way of tech and the modern. A space that works for us on many levels, inspiring as it nourishes. 

This is the future and our present. What will propel us and save us. It is technological formula as it is old world wonder. Exciting endeavor, built on bedrock. 

CB 07/21/18