Beauty (,)

There is much to the discussion of beauty. It's a complex subject that reflects the individual, shedding light beyond thorn and rose into YIng and Yang and the beautiful ugly.

Beauty has a provocative side that delves within our engagement to reality, asks us to question what we know of it and our perception of life. It's a complexity much like our view to the universe, unfolding and exposing us to our own personal truths of birth and decay. Purpose and meaning.

This is an expansive subject. Not beauty (.), but beauty (,). How beauty inspires beyond itself, eliciting wonder and emotion. Past the history of us and the making of its name. Beauty elevates and mimics life, celebrats and acts as memento mori. A book of words, book of pages. 


Beauty, I stand before you.


I ask to unravel the complexities.


Life as I know it seems ugly.


Allow me to see you deeper.


CB 07/22/18