A Tool. A Bridge. A Spring Board.

It is I believe the intention of interior design to inspire better living, this is not a revolutionary thought, it is however one that does not get fully discussed in the context of our current world and troubled era of politics. 

From my perception interior design is a catalyst tool, one that is an intricate part in the built environment. It is tool, bridge and spring board that is both utilitarian and emotionally inspiring. 

I no longer have the patience to defend my belief system. I believe strongly in what I do. The why before the what is my stedfast manifesto. We do not have the luxury of time to discuss the relevancy of design, architecture or art. We are at a point of do or do not. Make a difference, create change or hope for the best. Hope and change is a noble thought, but actions speak loudest. No matter the scale, it is intention that speaks.

All creativity has the inherent power to affect change, even in the slightest. A step forward is a step forward. But it is the acknowledgment of this power that propels it upward as fireworks and voices in the dark. 

We are, all of us within this circle of influence. A circle of affect and effected. The built environment is created by the act of doing, the process of manifesting an idea. The hammer to the nail. 

This is not only a matter of speaking to it, but getting to it. Time and change. 

CB 08/10/18