Creativity and will

How we live is both mirror and window, reassurance and nourishment. It tells us who we are and sheds light onto where we wish to go. Story teller and flashlight. 

This I believe is why we bond to the physical object. Our need for assurance, a grounding in our uncertain and fleeting life. The tactile physicality that says yes, I concur and validates. Manifested from the emotional and mental, connecting inside with outside. An equilibrium that grounds our footing, ankers as boat at sea.

It is creativity that will save us, the visual arenas as well as the spoken and written word. If we are to build a better future and world and I believe we can as we have built what we currently see, it is these arenas that we are dependent upon. It is creativity that taps into and tugs at our inner selves, the selves we cannot or more truthfully wish not to see. It fulfills desire and inspires change. Pushes, pulls and prods.

In contrast, it is technology that we need to pay closer attention to in how we live. Though technology is bringing in positive advancement, its down side is that we are losing personal connection to each other, affecting our physical and mental well being. Our black screens act as windows to the world but too are barriers to the very world we seek to explore. Both tunnel and wall, it is counter intuitive, limiting emotion and physicality. Our very essence.

To move forward through this troubling era we need to look backward and inward to who we are. Who we are to ourselves and to others. To our faults, hopes and even better, our will. It is through creative will that change comes. Through built environment and extended hand. Past the I, to the we. Through creative action and will as noun.

CB 09/14/18