It often comes down for me to beauty, the hand created and the meaning within. It is the inherent value of the hand created to inspire, echoing the inner matrix of who we are. This may come across as naive, of which I am guilty to a certain extent, but pause for a moment and look beneath and you will find the certainty of what I write.

As the human collective goes we are in fact inspirational. That seed within is deep, coursing through vein and cell, lubricating the very mechanism within. This is a positive force that elicits change, sparks the mind and fuels the desire of hope.

Theaster Gates  ‘Classroom’

Theaster Gates ‘Classroom’

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Carl Barnett Design/Studio

Within the voids of our darkness inspiration has shown light, both by way of our humanity and our making. It is the fire in the belly that inspires the mind and sets the body burning, pushing will forward, creating resolve.

It is through how we live and the inspired gesture forward that sets the wheel spinning and pulls the upward curve. This is where thought meets deed and change occurs. Where line is crossed and inspiration is set ablaze.

The act of doing and sincere poetic word speak volumes and depth to that of the human spirit, digging deep the trenches that document the forward trail. We are not simply the shell of our bodies nor structure of our bones, but the essence of our intentions and markings of our making. It is this, the inspirational that defines our humanity, prods the will, romances desire.