Tokujin Yoshioka Glass Teahouse Kou-an

Tokujin Yoshioka Glass Teahouse Kou-an


   To find a quiet spot and retreat. To go within and defy defeat.


There are many ways to approach a mountain, in order to move forward sometimes it is best to step back and pivot: erase and rewrite. Numerous challenges face our contemporary world, this is clear, and clarity of intention can lesson the overwhelm: lighten the fog.

Empathy is a guiding factor and the web in which our citizenry binds. This is a necessary mirror in understanding our collective present and the hurling future. To be empathetic is to find empathy for oneself and the perfectly imperfect human condition. Personal sovereignty is something I seek to better understand my place in this world and to ground that place more solidly: to build a bridge for those around, internal metaphor a given.