To speak of hope, despair must to be on the lips for hope to show its truest strength. But within this, what defines despair depends on the individual, and the depth of hope is dependent on the height and determination of will. 

What defines the future is how we mold it with language, both verbal and visual. This is how life is built, through hopeful depiction and willful doing. It is through the languages of expression that emotion and life take form, where inner doubt can translate outward, finding clarity in images and words: emulsifying facts and desire. 

It is by way of the creative languages and the fire of emotion that resolve can be found. Here is where stagnation of government and social dogma is subverted, slowing the backward rolling stone. The arena of language is universal, transcending political affiliation, religious doctrine and social status. It goes beyond the physical built word and pierces the ancient self, manifesting its power of communication and deciphering change.