Creative Mind

I do not need much in my life, in fact prefer very little: simplicity is my preference to how I live. What I need or more deeply, desire, is a matter of significance, meaning and purpose: to feel that I have something to offer, rather than a need to have or to take. To inspire and to be inspired.

My want for things is less than it has been in decades. What I do own I have layered with meaning and story, so much that there is emotion attached to the physical object: a sense of something bigger than itself. This is what the creative mind can do: facilitating levels of emotion, inspired living, filling in the gaps where meaning is void, where inspiration is needed. 

We are pushed by will and pulled by hope as we traverse the unknown terrain forward. This the creative mind vacillates: bridging the here and now to the future possible. Here is where inspiration is manifested, tethering emotion and thought with the act of doing, allowing for meaning, clarifying purpose, clearing the path for light to come in.