It’s not that time moves too fast, it’s that we let it slip away unnoticed: distracted from the moments that make up life. We are surrounded by inspiration: people, places and things, and it is how we respond that fuels the moment, spins the mind and sparks the hand into action.

To build a life forward is to take notice and to take stock, gathering the stimuli that fuels desire. What the eye sees the mind repeats, adding language to solidify emotion. Our physical world is the manifestation of thought, emotion and physical deeds: building and destroying. Lessons learned, lessons repeated. 

Building a beautiful life is not a romantic notion, but an inherent instinctual need for pleasure. This is a means of survival, the eye is the window to the self and the centuries of sensations we’ve acquired. Beauty then, is genetic code: hard wired for our survival and creative inspiration. 

Moments come as fleeting inspirations, it’s how we notice them that builds our lives: our foundations of hope we call the future. Each moment documents our storied lives, stitching scenes from which to create. This builds momentum, our character, as we savor into memory: champions of the oncoming tomorrow.