Hope is a shelter we live within, the words we use and the actions we take. It is the inhale as it is the exhale, the cause as well as the affect. Hope is the default setting that allows the birthing cry, sets the ongoing tone, buoy in the darkest of nights. 


For many years my belief system has been very strong. Mocked by many, but I held it as my own. I believed strongly in all that i did: the creative arenas and politics. Oddly I still believe this but no longer can see it. It all now seems a fog of sincerity, something one aspires to like being polite or sitting up straight. Congeniality. 

However what i really want to do is shake the world, wake it up from its depressed and deep slumber. But one cannot wake the sleeping when lying amongst the opium flowers. 

I worry for the future, for those who’ll live within the mistakes we have made and continue to make. Our children and theirs will need to be a different breed, of a different mindset and stronger bones. Though I do not know them, my concern runs deep. I want to tell them to stand tall, feel hope as they know will, to own belief and to sleep only when tired. 

I believe strongly in what the creative mind can do. I DO.